Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kids Haircuts

When Ethan was 2 1/2, I attempted to cut his hair to save money. I tried to convince myself that it looked okay if I combed it to one side and looked at it from a certain angle. We ventured to the grocery store and had no sooner passed the bananas when a woman asked my child, "Awww, did you cut your hair, honey?" To which I replied (with a smile, of course), "No, his Mommy did." I swore off trying to cut my child's hair, and just opted to let it grow long and shaggy until I was forced to take him to a professional to have it cut.

A couple of years ago, I borrowed Amy Dacyczyn's The Tightwad Gazette from my library. My favorite section was on how to cut a boy/man's hair. There was a very simple diagram and instructions on how to do it. It took me about an hour and a half and a very cranky kid, but I actually managed to do a good job! Since then, I usually cut my boys hair myself. I occasionally will take the older one in to get his hair cut, when there is a good coupon for a $6 haircut. I'm much faster at it now, of course :)

Andy's hair has been a challenge because he has these gorgeous baby curls that I love. So I decided yesterday to just trim it up. I really only know how to do an all over, short, boy cut, so this was new for me.

Savings (per haircut): $10