Monday, July 20, 2009

I realized that I never posted about Andy's birthday, which was June 24. We budgeted $100 for party & gifts. We ended up having a make your own pizza and cupcakes party! It was really fun. I sat down and made a list of items we would need and estimates of prices. I wanted to get a pinata, but realized we wouldn't have enough money for one. I was originally going to buy biscuit dough for the pizza crusts, but I ended up just making two pizza crusts from scratch--it was much cheaper that way. To feed the adults, I just made one large pizza. The kids were able to just pull off a hunk of dough that I had prepared earlier and top their pizzas with whatever they wanted, then I popped them in the oven. Some of them got really creative!

I baked two boxes of boxed cake mix cupcakes, which was way more than we ended up needing! Because we had the kids doing all the cooking, I didn't really have to have any games which would have cost more money.

I did want to get some party favors, so I went to the dollar store to hunt for something that would go with our cooking themed party. I ended up finding these really cute Ratatouille cookbooks with gummy food and spoons in them. They came with a little soup recipe. Very cute, and $1 each. I also bought all the cups/plates/napkins/streamers at the dollar store. I bought candy to decorate the cupcakes there as well.

As his gift, we got him a really big kiddie pool (big enough for Mom and Dad to lounge in :) ).

The kids all really seemed to enjoy themselves and Andy loved his cooking party!

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