Friday, July 31, 2009

Today I sent the husband out to run the frugal errands for a change!

I sent him to Half-Price books with a stack of kids summer reading logs. I just heard about their summer reading program earlier this week(it ends today) and asked the employee if I could just take a stack of logs and fill them up with our reading logs from the library. He said yes, but I wonder what they'll say when Michael actually shows up with the stack, ready for his gift cards! They supposedly get a $3 gift card for each completed log. We had eight, so we'll see :) I also found out that educators get a 10% discount card that they can use anytime, so since he's a teacher, he's going to sign up for that. I signed up for their email list a while back and still have some really good coupons to use, as well. I have a feeling Mom might be redeeming a couple of those gift cards.

After that he's going back to the bread store to redeem another coupon. They had more B1G1 free coupons, so we're going to stock up on English muffins, which are my favorite breakfast food.

Then he's going to run down the street to Kroger to get our free pint of Starbucks ice cream from the Facebook promotion. We have some movies we got from the library and are planning to spend the evening watching movies and sharing some ice cream :)


Dina said...

first of all, you totally rock!

secondly, your menus and your grocery shopping never look like you are tightening your belts - they are good meals! I need to incorporate your ideas.

lastly, you have a pretty great husband too - glad you are both on board with all of this! :)

Shirelle said...

Thanks Dina, you're always so encouraging and I really appreciate that!