Sunday, January 4, 2009

$327 Snowball to Discover

Our Discover Card is our last little bit of consumer debt. The balance stands at $2800. We'd like to have it paid off by March. It's got a big minimum payment of $150, and it will be awesome to free that amount up every month. My goal is to send them a total of $1100 this month. We divide our budget up in half, since Michael gets paid twice a month. I just sent them the extra $327 that we had in the first half of the month, and I'm hoping to send them $785 from the back half of the month (barring anything unforeseen).

We've already paid off:
My Car
A family debt to Michael's brother
A family debt to my grandparents
Capital One
American Express
Michael's Car

Once we pay this last consumer debt, we're left with two private student loans, and one big hairy federal student loan that's going to take a while to pay off.


Helen said...

Wow! You guys have already done so much, that's awesome!!

Beth said...

great work!!!

Kristin said...

You are such an inspiration!

Nichole said...

Great Job! I hope to be where you are now next year.

Dawn Endres said...

Wow! That's Great!

We owe $5,000 on the Discover so don't feels so bad about that one.

Good luck in the new year!

Tracey said...

Wow you are doing amazing! Way to go!!