Sunday, January 25, 2009

Car Troubles

Michael's car started leaking oil last week. He had to take it in to fix a recall, so he asked the dealership to find out why the car is leaking oil. According to them, it needs two repairs to fix the oil pan and some other oil thing. They quoted us $700 for that, as well as to fix the power steering which is also leaking--$391. Plus tax of course. We called another place and got a nearly identical quote of $1100. Ugh. We have a family friend who is our regular mechanic, but he wasn't open today. Michael is going to call on Monday and see if he can look at it. He's usually really honest about telling us what needs to be done ASAP and what can wait. I'm so bummed--that will wipe out our baby emergency fund, and we'll have to use next month's snowball to replace it. I also hate that neither of us is car savvy at all, so it just feels like it would be really easy to get ripped off. The best we can do is to get the opinion of our regular mechanic, who we are pretty sure we can trust. It's also going to mean a very inconvenient week with me having to shuttle Michael to and from work. His car is supposed to be our more reliable one--my car is in need of rear bearings at $600, which we've been putting off for while, since my car is just the run around car. I never drive it very far from home, but this week I'll be driving it a lot more than I'm comfortable with.

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Helen said...

I'm so sorry. Cars suck. That's why my a/c hasn't been fixed... I'm waiting 'til the spring when I'll NEED the defrost. Curse the big city & needing a car! ;)