Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have I mentioned that I love Goodwill?

Today was their 50% off everything in the store sale! I did awesome!

Stuff I got for Ethan:

pair of dressy summer sandals
Spider-Man boxers (they are both really into Spider-Man!)
camo cargo shorts
Spider-Man T-shirt
nice button-down short sleeve shirt
A shirt that reads "I'm only pretending to listen" (I usually hate shirts with sayings, but I SO could not resist--if you know Ethan, you know why!)

For Andy:
khaki dress pants
Levi jeans
another spider-man t-shirt
Nice button-down short sleeve shirt
Thomas pajamas (top & bottom)
cute Old Navy monkey PJ's

For Me:
A summer tote

No rips, stains, missing buttons, etc. I told Michael about it when he got home, and he just headed out to see if he can find any work clothes.

And my grand total? $21.10. Yep, I rock.

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