Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time to shop for summer kids clothes

My kids are in dire need of clothes. Most of Ethan's pants have massive holes in the knees, and are stained beyond all hope. I've been keeping a list on their closet, and as I think of things they need, I add to the list, along with sizes.

I took the list to Goodwill last week and got a few things that they needed. I made sure only to look for the things on the list, since I only had $25 to spend. I still have a lot more things that they need, but this was a start.

I found a pair of khakis for Andy, khaki shorts for Ethan, a button-down shirt and a really cute yellow Tommy Hilfiger polo for Andy. I also got a dressy olive green t-shirt for Ethan (his best color for his gorgeous green eyes), and I had to buy him a pair of baseball pants since he's about to start playing at the Y. I spent $16 at goodwill and $8 at Academy for the baseball pants.

I'll have to go back to Goodwill later this month--they have one day a month where everything is 50% off. I had my eye on an old-fashioned ice cream maker.


Helen said...

I loooove Goodwill! Where else can you get jeans for $1.99 OR LESS? :)

Katrina Marie said...

Yeah I love shopping there for Koda's clothes. What sizes do your boys wear? I'm going to do a closet clean out this weekend of Dakota's clothes. Sadly I don't think he's worn half of what's in there.