Friday, September 11, 2009

Homemade Croutons

I keep a ziploc bag in my freezer and collect the heels of bread, hamburger/hotdog buns, bagels, as they get stale or are just about to get stale. When it starts to fill up, I make croutons or bread crumbs. On this occasion, I made croutons. This was a good cooking activity for the kids to do. I had three hamburger buns that we hadn't eaten. First I buttered the bread, then I had Ethan cut it up into squares with a butter knife. Spread them in one layer on a cookie sheet, and while the oven is already on for something else at not too high of a temperature (200-350-ish), bake them until they are completely dry. Let them cool, and store them in a ziploc bag in your freezer. They are really good too! You could even bake them with some parmesan or some italian seasonings on them if you wanted to. If you wanted to do garlic croutons, use a little garlic salt after you butter them. That night I needed them to make a stuffing to go with a turkey roast we had for dinner.

This is a great way to use something that most people throw away (stale bread) to make something that people usually buy (croutons).

Finished crutons (note my well-loved ziploc bag, lol--this is probably the 8th time it's been used):

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