Saturday, November 14, 2009

$2.00 Kate Spade bag

Today I did a little Christmas shopping. I'm planning to try my hand at canning some yummy treats for Christmas, but I don't have canning supplies so I went over to Goodwill to see if they had anything. I didn't find canning supplies, so I decided to look around and see if they had anything else that would be great Christmas gifts. I found a brand new book for a family member, and then I found this:

Yep, a Kate Spade bag for $2. All purses and backpacks were half off today. It's got a little wear and tear, but it's still in really good shape. While I was there an auction was also going on. Maybe ten people were there actually bidding on stuff. A lady walked away with two Coach bags. She paid $26 total. I was soooo tempted, but I passed. I kicked myself later for passing up a set of 6 Dallas Cowboys collectors glasses for $6! Hubby would have liked that. I'll definitely know for next time though.

Sooooo, do I behave myself and give the purse as a gift, or do I keep it for myself? Decisions, decisions....


Dina said...

my answer is for you to keep it as a reward for all your hard work :)

nice find!

good luck on finding canning supplies - I want to do some too, so I will keep an eye out for anything I may come across

TTM said...

a $2 Kate Spade bag is sweet revenge. KS stuff used to be made by KS by hand. Now it's all made in china by other hands and still costs like she is making it herself. You scored. Can you borrow canning supplies? It's not like everyone that has the pot will be using it all the time. Maybe if you trade some of your final product you can get some jars free out of the deal?? Sounds like you have a financial plan and are committed to it. Good luck and good times with the challenge!