Friday, November 13, 2009

We did it!!!!

This morning I made a $986.19 payment to Sallie Mae and paid it off! So at this point we have paid off:

A loan from my brother-in-law
A loan from my grandparents
Capital One
Michael's Car Loan
American Express
and now Sallie Mae #1

We have one more Sallie Mae loan, and then our final debt is our large federal student loans. Those loans have been moved to a federal loan forgiveness program for public service workers, so they will be moved to BS6 on Dave Ramsey's plan. We plan to have Sallie Mae #2 paid off this Spring and move on to filling up our 3-6 months emergency fund and then saving up a 20% downpayment on a house!

I feel just a little bit lighter today :)


Me said...

You know, the other day I was searching DAM for something (I forget what) & I came across a really old post of yours & was just amazed to see how far you've come. You rock, that's all. :)

emily said...

wow, just stumbled across your blog by the 'next blog" button. Just reading this post I felt so inspired to get rid of debt.