Sunday, November 8, 2009

R.I.P. loyal friend

On Friday, I had to say goodbye to a loyal and true friend who has been with us a long time. After five years of service, my coffee grinder finally died. I had often wondered when the day that I would have to say goodbye would be here. With multiple daily uses, it far exceeded anyone's expectations.

But seriously, of all months for my coffee grinder to die--it had to be THIS one?! This leads me to admit one of my shamefully non-frugal addictions--good coffee. Yes, I am a coffee snob. I only drink coffee made in a french coffee press with freshly ground beans. And I don't buy just whatever brand. This is the one thing where I am brand loyal. I know this goes against everything I stand for, but I guess we all have our vices. Anyway, When the coffee grinder met its end, I was making coffee for company that we had over. I heard this awful crunch, and immediately my husband rushed to remedy the situation. "It's okay", he said, "tomorrow morning after your run, just go by Target and get another one." He was already foreseeing what the next morning of a coffee-less wife would mean for him. Initially, I panicked, thinking that we had no money for a new grinder! I was already hatching a plan to find somewhere to grind my beans, but knowing that it would not be the same as freshly ground beans. Then I remembered that we both still had $10 in spending money for the month. All day that day, I had been craving junk food, and I was very tempted to stop at Whataburger for lunch, and after I picked up Ethan from school I contemplated stopping at Sonic for some ice cream. But since I only had $10 for the whole month, and I had a long run on Saturday which would not be made any easier by junk food the previous day, I thought better of it. My darling husband also contributed his spending money to the coffee grinder fund. He says that a happy wife is worth it.

But for crying out loud, I'm starting to run out of ideas to avoid Murphy's attempts to sabatoge our giant November snowball! We are out of school supply/lunches money, we have $5 in the grocery envelope for the next seven days (but a well stocked kitchen at the moment), and we are both now out of spending money for the rest of the month. Our car maintenance envelope probably is also in short supply, and will not be enough to cover more than $100 repair. But we're just going to try to keep on truckin'. 22 days left!


Anonymous said...

Feed your need for junk tomorrow:

Love this blog btw!

Amy Lynne said...

You can make it! I'm rooting for you!

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