Thursday, July 24, 2008

Electric bill Continued......

Sometimes I wonder why you people read this, LOL! Such exciting topics!

Got the electricity bill today. We are still with that awful Simple Energy company, as the new company hasn't started billing us yet. Even with the fact that they jacked our rate yet again to 0.19 kwh (is that even legal?!!), we still managed to decrease our bill from last month.

The math:
Last month's bill: $231.71, using 1377 kwh.
This month's bill: $186.54 using 949 kwh!!! Only one other time have we ever gotten close to using that little electricity. In April of this year we used 947 kwh.

A savings of $45.17. If we could keep our usage the same, once the switch to the other company occurs, our bill should be somewhere around $135.

The changes we made:

Increased the daytime thermostat from 78 to 80.

Increased nighttime thermostat from 72 to 75, and started using a fan near my bed, since I really just like circulating air.

Started hang drying laundry. We ran the dryer once in the last month.

Turned the computer completely off before going to bed at night.

I don't notice the warmer temp in the house anymore. I've gotten used to it. Of course, I've noticed hang drying the laundry since I'm the one doing it, but it's only maybe 3-4 loads a week so it's not too bad.

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Amy said...

have you thought about unplugging all of your appliances when not in use? lol..I am watching Oprah about "frugal families" and thought of you :)-Love your blog!

~Amy (7issufficient on DAM)