Monday, July 28, 2008

My husband shopped at Goodwill--proud moment for me!

My frugal ways are starting to sink in around here :D My husband, without ANY prodding from me, went to Goodwill to try to find work clothes. I had mentioned a long time ago that he might want to try there, because he's a pretty generic guy-size. My husband hates to shop, and hates to try anything "weird", so I really thought he'd never actually go in there.

He came home today and had spent $36, ALL of it at Goodwill. He got some very nice things. He bought four pairs of slacks, two button down shirts, two neckties, and a black suit jacket (8!). Nothing is stained and all of it appears new. Several of them are nice of the shirts still has the JCPenney tag, and one is from Lands End. He tried them all on, and only one pair of pants is a little snug--everything else was perfect.

He is done with his work clothes shopping for the year.

I was so pround I thought I was gonna burst!

I would take pics, but my camera is on the fritz :(


The Bargain Shopper Lady said...

That is so awesome! I would be so excited! So you have to tell me one thing, did he try the clothes on at the store? Not that it really matters, he did great either way!

Shirelle said...

He didn't try on the clothes at the store, but then again, he never does! He says they didn't have a fitting room, but I'll bet they had one. I've tried on clothes at Goodwill before.