Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's my birthday

I'm the ripe old age of 26 today :)

I have really come to love our creative, frugal birthdays. We used to go out to dinner and Michael used to give me a nice gift, but now he has to be really creative, because we don't do birthday gifts anymore. I have loved the last two birthdays. He totally spoiled me today....let me sleep in, made me my Shirelle-style eggs (scrambled with garlic and dill--which he totally doesn't like), let me go to the Y and work out, and when I came home the house was totally clean and he was all good-looking and good-smelling. He told me we could go somewhere if I'd like, so we went to the pool at my Y and spent the afternoon together (he's a hermit, so a public pool is not really his idea of fun). I came back and when I got out of the shower, I saw that he had changed the screen saver to this pic of him that I had told him I loved and he'd taped a note to it that said "Happy Birthday, I love you." He made my favorite dinner tonight--Trinidadian curry and bara, and my cake is currently on the counter cooling.

Last year he told me that he would go take a yoga class with me (yoga is my favorite group ex class)...he was totally awkward and terrible at yoga, but he didn't complain a bit (group ex classes aren't usually on a hermit's agenda either).

Birthdays have just become a lot more meaningful now that we celebrate the day without relying on spending money to have a memorable day.

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Anonymous said...

hi just wanted say happy b-day. i dont know you you dont know me. have a great day. me-me in california