Saturday, August 22, 2009

A day of memories for $20

We decided to take this Saturday to spend some time with the kids before Ethan goes back to school on Monday and our schedule gets all crazy hectic. We took them to ride the Forest Park mini-train. It's a really cool old children's train that has been in Fort Worth since the 1950's. It makes a five mile round trip along the Trinity River, by the duck pond, and even stops at a little depot for popcorn and drinks. It's a pretty inexpensive outing, at $11 for the four of us to go, and only $1 for popcorn.

Then we decided to do some more grown up entertainment, so we went to a local museum that is free. We've taken the boys a couple of times, and I love that each time they seem to understand more and more what it is we're looking at.

Then we headed to Dairy Queen for ice cream cones!

We ran a couple of errands, dropped books off at the library and picked up our free pics from Walgreens, then we headed home for dinner. I made a big pot of homemade beans and cornbread, and Grandma came over and joined us for dinner.

After dinner the boys put on a production of The Three Little Pigs (with a guest appearance by Spider Man).

Now they are off to bed early so that Mommy won't have to drag Ethan out of bed on Monday morning! I am dreading tomorrow morning though!


Dina said...

that train sounds fun! I will have to look it up and do it with the girls.

sounds like a fun day - sweet family time :)

tiger said...


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