Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taco Tuesday was a hit! I really enjoyed it. They also gave you a bunch of their homemade tortillas and honey....yum! My husband was less than thrilled with it, but he's a Mexican food snob. I don't know what he expected for $3.33 a plate.

Today is my hubby's first day back teaching. He's pretty nervous, since he's teaching AP History and AP Government for the first time. He went and got his hair cut yesterday, which was $15. We didn't have a coupon this time. He still won't let me touch his hair! He does wait as long as possible to cut it, and he seems to be getting it cut shorter and shorter each time, so he doesn't have to get it cut as frequently.

His Mom gave him a bag of clothes that belonged to his Dad, and he found a few things he could use. Some of the silk ties were really nice, and some screamed 1980! There was a brown belt in the bag, but he has one that he likes a lot better and he needs a black one. The back of it was black, so he used a tiny screwdriver to remove the buckle and put it on the other side, so now he doesn't have to buy a black belt.

(Thank you, honey for being a good sport and letting me take your picture!)