Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meal plans 8/30 through 9/15

-Tonight is pork steaks on the grill, mashed potatoes, salad
-Pot roast, roasted vegetables, peas, fried plantain
-Tangy tuna mac, and fresh spinach salad (both from More-with-Less Cookbook)
-Torta pascualina (basically cheese and spinach pie), cooked carrots
-Cheesy italian tortellini (I got free tortellini from a Schwann's promotion), sauteed zucchini
-Chicken pot pie, basic cooked greens (MWL cook book)
-Creamed chicken and biscuits, cooked carrots
-Grilled chicken legs/thighs, basic baked beans (also MWL), corn on the cob
-Brisket, potato salad, green beans, peach pie (Labor Day!)
-Beef and cheese enchiladas, black beans
-Beef Tacos, lettuce and tomato
-pot roast, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob
-Turkey, cornbread dressing, zucchini
-Ginger-glazed mahi-mahi, brown rice, roasted broccoli, cornbread
-steak, baked potatoes, veggie
-Rice with cheese and tomatoes (MWL), veggie
-Leftovers or breakfast for dinner

Giant bags of chicken thighs/legs are on sale for 0.49/lb. at Albertson's this week, so I plan to boil them and pick off the meat, and make stock which will be used at the sauces in my creamed chicken and biscuts and chicken pot pie. That chicken will also be used for the grilled chicken meal. I already have three lbs. of ground beef in the freezer, so that will be used for the tortellini, enchiladas, and beef tacos. Spinach is on sale at Tom Thumb, so I'll be picking up three packages to use in the spinach pie and spinach salad. I'll probably save some for my lunches, as well. Corn on the cob is on sale at Kroger 4/$1. The turkey is a pre-cooked turkey roast that I got free from the YMCA. We ate one last cycle and it was SO good. I have two pot roasts already in my freezer, as well as one portion of mahi-mahi.

My budget for the next two weeks is $150.

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Sarah said...

This is a fantastic list. 150 dollars is also my exact budget for groceries for the next two weeks. Mind if I steal your list?