Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Frugal Rule #122

Don't pay for services you can do yourself. This is probably obvious to most frugal people. If you're reading this blog and you have a maid, dog groomer, or a gardener, I'm going to assume you read just to point and laugh at the crazy frugal lady.

When I last visited my sister, I was accompanying her on errands and one of her stops was to take the dog to the groomer. I was floored. The groomer? Seriously?! You're a college student who waits tables to pay the bills! Wash your own dog! I am surprised at some of the services that people (even broke people!) will pay for.

So Foxy got her monthly (ummm, ish?!) bath today. I bathed her and had the kids help me brush her. Lately I've been making the boys take more and more responsibility for her. No groomer necessary when you have kids!

I also cut Andy's hair today. I still have never paid to have it done professionally since four year olds don't care if Mom cuts their hair! I'm going to cut it myself as long as I can get away with it. I'm dreading the teen years.

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