Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Andy's Birthday

My baby turned 3 yesterday!

I really wanted to have a party for him this year. He has lots of friends at the Y, and I knew he'd love a fun party. Our house is too tiny to host any kind of kids party, so I thought about doing a park party. The problem is that we live in North Texas, and it's 100 degrees by mid-morning everyday for the past three weeks. I decided to see what kind of indoor options we could find that wouldn't totally break the budget.

A new Chick-fil-a opened up close to our house, and we decided to have the party there. It ended up being about $65....the kids each got a kids meal and ice cream. We got to use their play area, we had a hostess handle everything for us, and we got a visit from the cow! It was such a fun party! They didn't provide the cake, so I made cupcakes....with two box cake mixes, 1 container of frosting, six eggs, and a little oil and water, they came to about $4.80 for 48 cupcakes (we still have a ton too!). I used candles that I had on hand.

I could have done a cheaper party at a park or something, but I guess the extra $20 or so was worth not having 10 dehydrated little kids!

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