Saturday, June 21, 2008

How far can you stretch one on-sale chicken?

I bought whole chickens at Kroger for 69 cents/lb. On Thursday, Michael roasted one and served it with mashed potatoes and salad. On Friday, the kids ate leftover chicken and potatoes for lunch. Today I picked off every little tiny bit of chicken that I could get off of it, and I mixed it up into chicken salad.

We all had chicken salad sandwiches and fruit for lunch. Then I threw the bones into the crock pot to make chicken stock.

I also keep a ziploc bag in the fridge with bits of onion, carrots, and celery leaves--I throw that in with my stock. Since it's summer, I don't need the stock for soup. I do make a lot of casseroles though. Here is a recipe so you don't have to buy cream soups for casseroles, and it uses chicken stock.

Cream of Anything Soup:
1/2 c. milk
1/2 c. chicken stock/broth (made from the leftovers of one $3 chicken!)
3 tbsp. butter (can be cut down)
3 tbsp. flour
s&p to taste

Melt the butter in a skillet, add the flour to make a roux. Slowly add the stock/milk, and whisk until it thickens up. This can be used in place of any recipe that calls for a cream soup. If you don't want the little bit of chicken flavor, you can use all milk and omit the stock.


funfrugalmom said...

This is great Shirelle! I never thought to use the bones to make stock in my slow cooker.

I use chicken stock to make rice more savory instead of plain water and butter.

I also do leftover chicken stir frys. I chop leftover chicken and saute it with frozen veggies and penne pasta. Throw a little shredded cheese on top right before serving and the kids really eat it up.

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