Friday, June 27, 2008

Update on the electricity bill situation

I did end up switching companies. I used the website to compare rates. We decided that we wanted a fixed rate plan, because it just seems like market conditions are ripe for prices to keep increasing. We locked in at 0.14cents/kWh with Hudson Energy. One thing I didn't like about that other company we were looking at was that they charge you a higher rate per/kWh if you use less than 1,000kWh a month, AND they charge you a $10 fee. I've noticed that a lot of companies do this, but you really have to read the fine print to figure that out. You basically get penalized for saving energy, which really just sucks. The other company also had a hefty cancellation fee of $150!

Michael used the dryer once this week, and I hung up every other load of laundry. We've been keeping the thermostat at 80 or higher, and at 75 at night (up from about 71). And I've been keeping the lights off and things unplugged like I usually do.

I'll keep you all updated to see if my electric-bill reducing efforts pan out :)

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