Sunday, October 4, 2009

September 2009 Wrap-up

I just finished resolving September's budget. It was a really stressful month and a lot of unexpected expenses happened. We were still able to put some money towards the current Sallie Mae snowball, dropping the balance to just under $2,000. It should be paid off in January, which is slower than I would like but October-December is always an expensive time of year.

Here are the numbers for September:
15% of our monthly income went to car repairs
19% of our income went to pay off debt
We spent $94.69 on unplanned expenses related to the flu
We spent an unplanned $24.56 to send a gift to my little sister who was in a serious accident

I made an extra $6 doing internet surveys (every dollar counts, right?!)
Michael made an extra $60 monitoring the cafeteria after school for three days

I also applied for term life insurance, so I should be hearing back on that soon.

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