Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today's frugal lunchbox

For today's lunch we have a homemade "lunchable".
Wheat crackers ($1.39/box, 9 servings in the box, 1/2 serving=about $0.09)
Slices of cheese ($1 for 8oz. brick, 1 oz=about $0.10)
1 slice of deli turkey ($1.99 package, 12 servings, 1 oz=about $0.17)

1 banana (3 lbs. for/$1.00, so probably about $0.11)

Homemade chocolate pudding (I'm going to estimate this at $0.27, 1/2 c. milk, a bit of sugar, cocoa, and corn starch)

Water in a re-usable container=free :)

TOTAL: $0.74


Dina said...

I was looking for the "like" button LOL

but we do this too - although Ava "BEGGED" me for a lunchables from the store this week. I told her but you only eat the crackers and cheese and we have that at home. She looked at me like I was speaking Latin!

pinkbows said...

I started making homemade lunchables also. I do splurge every now and then and let my dd take the pizza ones.

tiger said...


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