Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family Math Night=Free Dinner

Ethan's school hosted a "family math night" last night. My kid is not at all interested in playing basketball or going to the zoo, but a night devoted to math is the equivalent of giving him an unlimited supply of ice cream. He was WAY excited. I was pretty excited, because they were going to feed us, and I didn't have to make dinner. We had a thoroughly unhealthy dinner of hot dogs, chips, and cookies at the math night "tailgate party". Then the kids played math games for a couple of hours, and we finished up with prizes for everyone who stayed the whole night, and a raffle for a grill and a ski ball game. All the kids who came got their name called out to get prizes, and Ethan was the first one who got to go get his prize of a Chutes and Ladders board game. He attributed his status of first to his being the "goodest" of all the kids. I was eyeing the grill, but sadly, we will have to keep using our kid-sized one. I was pretty excited for the third grader who won the ski ball game--apparently it had been sitting in the auditorium for a few days in preparation of math night, and all the kids in the school really wanted to win it.