Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tax Refund

Between education credits and that tax rebate correction, we are getting right at $2,000 back on our taxes. That is going to pay off our Discover card (our LAST consumer debt!!), and get us started on the first student loan snowball. It's going to be deposited around Feb. 13. I am pumped! We've decided that we're going to close that account completely. We've kept some of our other lines of credit open since we plan to buy a house sometime in the future. This one's line of credit is only $7,200, and we've only had it for about a year (we did a balance transfer), so it needs to go. Not to mention, those people are really annoying. They call me constantly trying to sell me credit monitoring, some crappy life insurance policy, and other stuff that I don't stay on the phone long enough to hear about.

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