Sunday, February 22, 2009

March's challenge

In an effort to come to more agreement with our finances, Michael and I have made a compromise for March. I have been overwhelming him with all things Dave Ramsey, so I agreed to take a break for the month of March. For his part, Michael is going to help generate and/or cut enough from the budget so we can throw a $1,000 snowball at Sallie Mae. We are about $75 from our goal right now. Our first step was to find money already in the budget. We cut the clothing and haircut envelopes for March, and dropped the grocery budget to $310. We've cut out anything else that's extraneous.

As far as generating extra money, so far we've decided to see how much change we can roll (maybe $10 worth?), and we've got a few pieces of gold and silver jewelry that we're going to see if we can sell. He's going to ask at work to see if there are any opportunities to proctor an ACT test or do something for the athletic department to make a little money, and I'm going to see if I can do a babysitting job or two.

I'm going to blog about our progress on this goal!


Beth said...

Good luck!!!

Also, I know it might be far for you, but you are welcome to come to my gold and silver party on Friday. Or you could even host one yourself. Not only would you get the money from the stuff you sell, but they pay you 20% of what they pay out to your guests at the end. :)

Melanie said...

Good luck!! I love to read about your progress. I just recently got dh on board with the whole Dave Ramsey thing and I think he is still a little hesitant.

Helen said...

Good luck!