Monday, February 9, 2009

In honor of Valentine's Day

I have to share a letter that we received from Capital One many months after we'd paid off the balance.

At the top is a picture of a broken heart shaped cookie with "Love" written on it.

The top of it says:
"You never write. You never call. You never charge.
What did we do? Or (gulp) not do?"

Dr. Michael E. and Shirelle E.,
No holding back. Here it is. This relationship is not working. But it's not you, it's us. So let's talk. Call us and tell us what you need to make your card better."

This truly made my day. Seriously.


Brandie said...

LOL! That's awesome...

Alison said...

That is fantastic!

Holly said...

I love it!!!!! Awesome!!

Dina said...

but they are so sad :(

Jennifer said...

Ha Ha!!! That's awesome!

Helen said...

Wow! They must be hurting, huh?